8/27 - 11pm

where have I been? nowhere....just goofing off at home as usual. School started up, the kiddos are all back to their routines, little Steving is in his new house in the big city, near the university, living with his old friend and another guy from down here. Although he gets the basement...not a normal bedroom....

Wife had her birthday a week or two ago, I got her a nice new electric range because I didn't fell like fixing the old one, or cleaning it any more. the new one has one of those funky glass tops, which I can deal with, since I'm the main clean up guy here.

She went to DC last week for a one day meeting. her coworker didn't show up to the meeting on time, because he got mugged (knocked out even) walking a block from where the taxi dropped him, to a bar. He's ok, but sheesh, what a thing to happen on a business trip.

A few other kids were over today, they're working on a robot in our garage. One of the boys is a senior, and he's really bright, and also likes to play with machines...so I showed him how to use my 60 year old lathe, and he's been using it to make some parts for a (different) science fair project.

I got an old Mac SE going, added a hard drive to it...which I got along with the non-functioning remains of 4 other old macs on freecycle. No one else wanted them, how odd :) The folks I got them from are interesting, they have a bunch of kids and are homeschooling them, and the guy is into old computers (he has some Amigas running!) as well as working on what most folks consider to be old cars, from the 1980s.

anyone remember non-parity 256k 30 pin SIMMs? from 1986? there were 4 of them in one of those Macs.

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